Positive Places of European Memory

The project is funded from the Minister's "Young Inventors University" project in the framework of the grant provided by the Poland's Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) entitled "Support for the management of research and its results". Nr. POIG.01.01.03-00-001 / 08 on the basis of the financing agreement signed between the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of Regional Development on 22 September 2009. (Priority 1.1. OPIE, Measure 1.1.3.)

The aim of the project is an attempt to define, identify and describe positive space (places) of European memory,  undertaken by researchers, students, high school students and junior high school students. Within the framework of the project, positive space of European memory will be defined according to Nora, as well as historiographical (manuals), geographical, cultural and economic, and finally symbolic public domain.

Junior High school students and high school students under teacher supervision will attempt to find and characterize positive memory space. In order to enable them to independently conduct research, to encourage them to be creative, to enter into a dialogue, various active teaching methods will be used, as well as European Commission guidelines will be followed, combining elements of informal and formal education. Moreover, an important element of the project is to coordinate and encourage the cooperation between secondary school children and university  students who will undertake the role of peer counselors. 

The aim of working together is to mutually mobilize youth to work, to promote an  exchange of best practices, to learn, to engage in dialogue and cooperation.

The project is implemented in several stages.