Summarizing Seminars

Each city game should be assessed in the form of a summarizing seminar, during which young people will present the results of their partial research, and a debate will take place followed by peer review.

Participants of the project implemented within the framework of the Young Inventors University program, took part in the first summarizing seminar. Foremost, they worked independently and subsequently they presented the results of their work: a map of Cracow with marked places which were associated with the memory of Retinger Retinger and his biography. Furthermore, they attended lectures, met with outstanding Retingologist Dr. Bogdan Podgorski, who proved to them that it is indeed worth remembering Retinger as a great Pole and European. Students had the opportunity to see the documents that Dr. Podgorski brought with him from his vast collection. Then the students listened to a lecture by Dr. Gregory Pożarlika entitled ''The role of collective memory in the construction of collective identity- Central European Perspective''. And finally, under the supervision of Lidia Sokołowska, the students learned how to prepare a speech conference.

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