Regional or trans-regional cultural education using the example of museums

Research financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
The aim of the project is to show how changing the culture of education through integrating in formal education aspects of informal education using visual culture over the last five years. The European Commission sees combined formal education with informal opportunity to improve the quality of education. To informal education  we may include museum lessons that use visual culture. We will examine in what ways has the approach  to visual culture in education undergone changes,  and what educational range do institution offer schools. The project will prepare a report illustrating the relationships between museums as cultural institutions and schools at all three levels of education in the province of Malopolska and Silesian, as well as recommendations for Marshals of  Southern Poland Macro-region on inter-provincial cooperation, and a website devoted to cultural observatory in education. The research will be supplemented with new elements of visual culture and the region.
Project leader: Dr. Kinga Anna Gajda

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