» Workshops for Children

The workshops are designed for the youngest children. As part of the workshop intercultural differences are discussed. An important element of the workshop is to identify the differences and similarities within the European culture as well as to emphasize the role of communication and intercultural competence. Another element of the workshop is to attempt to define European culture and its characteristics. During the classes the kids learn to recognize the symbols of the local culture: flag, anthem, celebrities, traditional food and costumes, currency, etc. Then they try to describe the EU and to create a catalog of its distinguishing features, and design a EU national costume, make the most important EU monuments, etc.
Fot. Kinga Anna Gajda

» Project Memory

On March 25th, 2014 the first year class took part in a workshop entitled "Project Memory", whose author is an American artist Roz Jacobs. The project is carried out in Poland by the Galicia Jewish Museum, and the subsequent workshops with the students carried out by doctoral students Monika Eriksen and Katarzyna Suszkiewicz. 
The project is an attempt to deal with the subject of the Holocaust and World War II through artistic activities. The students first learned about the history of Roz Jacobs' family, especially regarding the fate of her mother and uncle Kalman, who as a child went missing during the war. It is the story of Kalman and subsequent attempts to find him that served as an inspiration for the creation of this project. Having at various photographs of different people from the time of the Holocaust at their disposal, students tried to interpret them focusing on the mapping of light and shadow (an art technique) , as the photograph is placed in front of them upside-down. The final element of the workshop is to familiarize yourself with biographies of people shown in the photographs and presenting their respective character to the entire group.
Fot. Kinga Anna Gajda, Katarzyna Suszkiewicz.