Study Visit at the Memorial Site Dachau

‘Youth study visit in the Memorial Site Dachau' project from November 2013 was planned to constitute a complementary method of deepening intercultural competence among students. It aimed to constitute a complementary method of developing Intercultural Competence by students. A question of the memory, seen both as a component shaping the individual and group identity and the potential as a competent of conflict in situations in which strong stereotypical images are dealt with in regards to relations between representatives of different nations, which were struggling with one another in the past.

The "Youth study visit in the Memorial Site Dachau" was intended to sensitize participants on the issues connected with the individual and group memory. In order to achieve this goal a series of seminars were organized, both in Krakow (in high school and at the university) and during the study visit in Dachau. 

The project was funded by the Polish-German Youth Cooperation.

The project consisted of:


Photo: Agnieszka-Anna Yass-Alston